Condos for Rent in Sunrise Florida

A condo is simply a private residence owned by individuals separately. It means that condos have separate owners for each unit. Many people misunderstand the whole concept of a condominium. For many, condos are just like apartments, but it’s not. The ownership style makes a condo different from an apartment. Homeowners’ association (HOA) manages a condo while an apartment may have a single owner who gives license to the tenants to occupy their structure.

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Types of Condos – opt for an apt for you!

Marva Weeks Realty brings you the list of several condos for rent in Sunrise lakes and many such lively areas of Florida. Before you decide your favorite spot, it is necessary to know a bit about the types of condos you can consider.

  1. Studio Type

Ideally suited for singles and couples. These types of condos are affordable and easy picks for the ones having a small family. No separate bedroom, living area, dining area rather an open-plan room layout. As one of the popular realtors in Sunrise Fl, Marva Weeks Realty can help you spot fully furnished studio type condos in no time.

  1. Penthouse

Located on the uppermost floor, penthouse condos are best for the ones who love privacy. Due to its large floor area and top-notch privacy, penthouses are the most expensive condo units. One can get in touch with Marva Weeks Realty to find condos for rent in Sunrise beach.

  1. Loft Type

Small units with high ceiling and elevated bedrooms. This type is suitable for small families because of its open space and affordability. If you love to live in seclusion, then this type might not be your place.

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